Floridians, particularly those in the South West part of the state, take their fishing very, very seriously. This extreme interest has led to a lot of competition, particularly in the backcountry. For Native Salt Charters, the high level of competition and an outdated site was making it very difficult to attract customers; despite offering high quality expeditions and services, they were simply overlooked by Google SERPs.

The Solution

Native Salt Charters came to us to revitalize their site and to ensure that they were able to attract visitors to the site and convert those prospects to actual charter sales. First, we completely redesigned their site to be both responsive and far more user friendly. Next, we updated that out-of-date SEO that was harming their ranking. In record time, the optimized and revamped site had achieved both top placement and a coveted Google snippet. With loading speeds that were 200% faster than the original and updated, optimized content, business is booming and Native Salt Charters is enjoying the attention they deserve.


“Bookings through my website were in a steady decline until I had Moonshine redesign my existing site and do SEO work. Now, my bookings are through the roof. Thanks for being so awesome.”Not only were they able to fix my penalty issue, they were able to get my site ranked to the #1 spot for my keywords. The team over at Moonshine saved my business and I am tremendously grateful for the work they have done."

Captain Justin Cauffman

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