T-Kat Fishing Charters had a real problem – their once stellar search engine ranking dropped overnight and as a result, new bookings plummeted. Not only did their site lose its coveted position in the results, it wasn’t even showing up in SERPS.

The Solution

After examining the site and results, Moonshine determined that T-Kat had been hit with a Google penalty related to outdated SEO work done on their site. We removed the outdated work, replacing it with updated content and were able to get the penalty revoked. Today. T-Kat is back in the number one spot in the SERPS and on Google Maps for their keywords and no longer risk a dramatic overnight drop due to penalties and outdated SEO.


"Out of the blue, my bookings went from a steady stream to zero. I discovered my rankings had drastically dropped from page 1 to page 10 in Google and I had no idea why this was happening. Since my livelihood was on the line I had contacted several SEO companies and they gave me conflicting answers as to why this occurred. Feeling frustrated I have spoken with a colleague and he recommended Moonshine. The next morning I contacted Moonshine and after a quick review of my situation, they determined I had been hit with a Google penalty. After speaking with Moonshine I felt confident they knew what they were talking about and I hired them to fix my rankings and I am so glad I did. Not only were they able to fix my penalty issue, they were able to get my site ranked to the #1 spot for my keywords. The team over at Moonshine saved my business and I am tremendously grateful for the work they have done."

Captain Tom Kane

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