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I first came across Moonshine quite by chance, after doing my due diligence I decided to engage Moonshine to redesign and build my website www.youcandrive.co.uk. How glad I am because I found him to be professional and very easy to work with. They shared and listened to ideas and the requirements from beginning to end, he also made the process of me taking over the site myself so, so easy for which I am most grateful. When and if I need further work done, I will absolutely be asking them first.

Richard Carter

My name is Joby Cefalu I am the owner and proprietor of Mile High Fishing Charters in South Lake Tahoe, California. I was one of the first Charter Companies in my area and actually in the country to utilize the World Wide Web to market my business. In the mid to late 1990’s I purchased the domain names for my area and settled on fishtahoe.com as my primary web address. As my major in college was marketing, I assumed I was well on my way to tearing down all the walls and tearing apart the competition! So little did I know? That was about the time I came across Moonshine as you will read is not only one of the very best in his field but is honest and incredible to work with. As I learned over the course of the last 25+ years is the world of Website Management, Hosting, SEO Services, well just about everything involving marketing these days is extremely complicated! These days I field at least 10-15 calls per week from different services telling me how they can change my world in terms of SEO, Site Building, Hosting etc. I actually at one point left James and felt I was making a great move to help my company flourish. All I can say is boy was I wrong. I came back with my tail between my legs and asked for help. Moonshine was right there to pick me back up and I can personally attest to the fact, in this most complicated time of SEO and Website Management I have more business than I can handle! I give a majority of credit for that success to Moonshine and their diligence and value at handling my site from top to bottom! I work very hard to keep my customers but Moonshine helped me find them, and to this day he is just as competitive with my SEO as I am as a Fishing Guide. He is constantly working to get and keep me at #1 for all relative search terms to my business. Let’s be honest, on a much needed day off, I reach for my Ipad type in a search term in my case we will say “Lake Tahoe Fishing Charter”, and expect to see my site pop up on in the 1st position only to find It on page 3? That’s where Moonshine jumps in, 3 days later without a phone call or email.....boom #1 again!! That’s why if anyone (except my direct competition of course) asks me where to go for help with there website there is only one company, Moonshine! Thank you Moonshine, for not only helping me and my company be the best we can be but for the personal service over the years. 

Joby Cefalu

Mile High Fishing ~ South Lake Tahoe, CA

Out of the blue, my bookings went from a steady stream to zero. I discovered my rankings had drastically dropped from page 1 to page 10 in Google and I had no idea why this was happening. Since my livelihood was on the line I had contacted several SEO companies and they gave me conflicting answers as to why this occurred. Feeling frustrated I have spoken with a colleague and he recommended Moonshine. The next morning I contacted Moonshine and after a quick review of my situation, they determined I had been hit with a Google penalty. After speaking with Moonshine I felt confident they knew what they were talking about and I hired them to fix my rankings and I am so glad I did. Not only were they able to fix my penalty issue, they were able to get my site ranked to the #1 spot for my keywords. The team over at Moonshine saved my business and I am tremendously grateful for the work they have done.” Not only were they able to fix my penalty issue, they were able to get my site ranked to the #1 spot for my keywords. The team over at Moonshine saved my business and I am tremendously grateful for the work they have done.

Tom Kane

T-Kat Fishing Charters ~ Treasure Island, FL

“I contribute a good deal of my business success to the team over at Moonshine. Their in-depth knowledge of the tour industry and the customer mindset is second to none. The combination of a solid marketing plan with a high converting website has been my key to success. Thank you Moonshine.

Victor Tieri

Harbor Country Adventures, New Buffalo, MI

The guys over at Moonshine not only did they get me to the number #1 spot in Google, but they also built me a great looking website that I consistently get positive reviews from my customers. Moonshine delivered everything they had promised. Great team and value.

Justin Cauffman

Native Salt Charters ~ Port Charlotte, FL

WOW! Is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of their service. I went with their website + SEO package and they delivered more than I expected. The website is not only professionally designed it's perfect on other devices. The SEO service made my ranking s soar to the top and they keep improving. If you are in the fishing or tour industry these guys are a must.

Rob Savino

C.J. Victoria ~ Boston, MA

The Website you created for me along with your search rankings tools has made my bookings explode. You have put my website on the map where I am found on the first page of most searches and once the client gets to my site they find an extremely professional, informative site that is easy for them to use. Once again, I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work!

James Stegall

Port Lions Lodge/ Seward Alaska Adventures ~ Port Lions, AK

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